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 "Hows Rocky, I know you said last he was in the hospital" Andros said as he helps him set down some old equipment that Zhane had planed to repair. Adam shook his head as he said "He's still there, its been nearly three weeks since I found him at the apartment."
Andros looked at him concerned "Has anything changed at all? I mean he has to be getting a little better." Adam only shook his head as he replied "I wish something would work, I'm worried it's going to kill him Dros. I'm more worried about what that's going to do to Tommy." Andros nodded as he said."Their very close aren't they?"Adam nodded as Andros added. "Listen you know Zhane and I have access to some very powerful remedies and serums from home, talk to Tommy and contact me or Zhane about what he says." Adam gave a smile as he nodded and added "I should get back to Billy and pass on your offer to Tommy." Andros nodded resting his shoulder to say goodbye as the separated, Andros walking behind the panel teleporting the former green ranger back home.

Tommy lay sleeping on the chair he had refused to leave, he had left school and given up a job to take care of Rocky. Kat gently draped a blanket over him, glad she had convinced him to do something besides worry about the fallen red ranger in the hospital bed.  Kat  started to sit back down in another chair when Tanya came in and smiled at the former pink ranger as she said "Has there been anything new?" Kat just shook her head looking at the boy who was now using a nasal tube for oxygen as he  shifted to make himself more comfortable. "No, and his body is still resisting treatment, I'm worried Tanya."  Tanya nodded as she glanced over at Tommy who is lost in a deep sleep. "So he finally stop being a credit to his gender and listen to you?"  Kat chuckled as she said sarcastic "No I just turned on some soaps." Tanya laughed quietly as there was a knock on the door. 

Tanya ran over opening it as she said to Billy and Adam. "Guys! Kat just convinced Tommy to rest, either of you wake him up and I will personally take your old morphers, go into ranger mode, and beat you couple of chickens senseless!" Adam rolled his eyes as he said "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have news now come on and sit." Tanya looked at him as if he had lost his mind when his word finally hit her as she followed him over to where Kat sat by Tommy who was still asleep. "Whats going on Adam?" Kat asked turning to him. "I spoke to Andros, He and Zhane have some medication from their home they could use on Rocky, if its anything like what the gave TJ for his cancer, it could really blow the infection to the depths of hell."

"OK so why didn't they come with you?" Tanya asked looking at him as Billy said "And how would we give it to him here? We'll have to wait until Rocky leaves the hospital."  Kat nodded as the door open Jason sticking his head inside. The four waved as Jason slipped in and dropped Rocky's file on the window as he sat down. "What's new Jason?" Billy asked as he rubbed the back of his neck saying. "You might want to wake up Tommy, Rocky's being released, he should be signed out within an hour ."  Kat let go of a heavy sigh, as she said "There's got to be something that cane be done Jason!" Jason just shook his head "They've used everything short of using Chemotherapy and Radiation, and that's not going to cure an infection Kat." Kat drop her head in her hands.

"They can't try to drain it?" Billy asked taken back by the news. Jason just shook his head as he added "It's all over his body. and its eating away at one kidney, and its about to get into his blood stream, Tommy just needs to take him home." He looked up to see Tommy sat up in his chair the blanket flooded in half, resting it in his lap. Tommy looked at his five friends, the others realizing he was awake, as he said. "So that's it?" Jason again nodded as he said "They've done everything they can Tom, He needs to go home and be with you." Adam shook his head as he chimed in. "They may have done everything they can here, but I think I know some one who can help Rocky."

Jason and Tommy looked at him curiously as he continued "Zhane and Andros have some medicines from KO-52 that are much more advanced and powerful than whats here, treatment took TJ from the verge of stage 4 cancer to completely healthy with in a week." Jason looked at him in surprise as he glanced back at Tommy who said "What do we need to do?" Billy gave Adam's shoulder a light squeeze as he took over and said "Getting him out of here is key one, I'll get in contact with Zhane and Andros as soon as we get them to your apartment Tommy. They'll tell us whether they'll come here or we'll be teleported to them." Jason nodded as he said "I would try to get in contact with them now while were getting the papers signed. The sooner we can get him on this the better." Billy nodded as Tommy grabbed his keys taking off the house key taking it to Adam. "You'll have some privacy to talk to them both and tell them Thank You for me and for Rocky." Adam smiled taking the key as Billy nodded saying "We'll tell them." The two got up and left as Tommy gently stroked Rocky's cheek as he whispered "Hold on Rocky, we're going to get you some real help."

Rocky was resting on the couch while Tommy  sorted through clean clothes as they waited for Adam and Billy's return, Zhane and Andros had said to bring him to the ship to keep a closer eye on him for the time being. Adam and Billy had gone to help set up a medic bay room and a room for Tommy while he stayed with them. "Tommy?" He heard as he hurried around Rocky awake on the couch, Tommy sat down and asked "Whats wrong baby?" Tommy took his hand as he listened to him. "Go in our bedroom, in the first draw of the chest of drawers, there's a ring in the back left corner, get it for me." Tommy nodded as he got up walking into the room they shared and open the drawer pulling back a few pairs of sock, undershirts, and tank tops. The ring come into view as he reached in pulling it from its hiding place. 

"Find it?" Rocky called as Tommy shoved the drawer closed and walked back in to the living room sitting back down on the edge of the couch next to Rocky. Rocky reached out taking is as he opened it, sighing he said "I've been trying to find the right time to do this, I guess its now or never. Thomas Andrew Oliver, Will you marry me?"  Tommy couldn't find his words as he nodded leaning in kissing  Rocky deeply. He only smiled as the pulled away. Rocky pulled a ring from the box, a silver band held four stones Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Opal. Native american animals engraved around the band in the center of the ring a 1/4 karat diamond. Tommy only smiled as he gave Rocky his hand, Rocky slid on the ring as Tommy leaned in kissing him again. The two jumped at clapping and looked over to see Adam, Billy, and Andros all smiling, Tommy felt his cheeks burn as he smiled shyly as they all came over to look at the ring. "Lets get out of here so we can make that day real." Andros smiled, Tommy picked up the two backpacks he had packed earlier Adam and Billy helping Rocky from the couch.

Tommy, Billy, and Adam each placed a hand on Andros as Billy and Adam supported a weak Rocky between them. The five standing on the bridge of the ship with in seconds of Andros giving the command to Zhane to teleport them. Billy and Adam held tight to Rocky as his knees tried to give way from the sudden jolt. Tommy dropping the bags reaching out to help, Zhane rushing in behind him as he said. "Give his body a few adjust from the change in atmosphere and we'll take him to the medic bay."  Tommy nodded as Rocky countered "I'm alright, I'm alright." Rocky slowly stood up breathing heavily as Andros asked "Are you sure?" Rocky nodded as  Billy and Adam loosen their grip, Adam letting go completely, Billy looked at him as he nodded, Billy let go all but Rocky's arm that he kept in a loose grip. "That happens when someone has been very sick, Sorry Rocky." Rocky nodded as he said "It's OK, I just need to catch my breath."  Zhane nodded  as he asked Tommy. "Did his breathing problems start after the infection?" Tommy nodded as Andros said "We'll have to do a full body scan to see how serious this is." Tommy nodded again as he asked Rocky. "Can you walk to the bay OK Rock?" Rocky nodded as he took Tommy's hand as Zhane and Andros lead the way.

The medic bay reminded Tommy of a large hospital room a few machines off to the sides. He helped Rock get comfortable on the bed as Zhane  pressed a few keys on one of the machines that reminded Tommy of an X-ray machine. With the machine running Andros placed four patches on Rocky's body, one on his shoulder, on on his stomach, one on his left leg and the final one on the bottom of his right foot. "Adam wasn't kidding when he said it was all over him Dros, Your not going to like this." Andros walked over looking over the screen "He has fluid building up around his lungs and heart no wonder he can't breathe." Zhane added as Andros open on of the drawers pulling out and object that looked like a clear plastic clip board pressing a few buttons, once the object was on he open another pulling a large chambered syringe.

"This isn't going to feel really comfortable Rocky but I'm going to get some of this fluid out from around your chest." Rocky nodded as Tommy took his hand. Andros looked over at Billy and asked "Hold this for me?"  Billy nodded  as Andros held the clipboard  around Rocky's chest. Billy took it where it was held as Adam unbutton Rocky's  shirt giving the group the first look a large bruising around Rocky's chest and back.  Andros lightly pressed on it and asked Rocky if it bothered him.  To his and Tommy's surprise he could only feel the pressure of being touched, Andros nodded an picked up the syringe he had set on a small table. 

"Alright lets see if  we can help you breathe."  Tommy looked away as the large needle began to pierce Rocky's ribcage. "Your right in the pool under his left lung." Billy said as Andros carefully began to draw in the liquid, stopping at the crimson color just filling the chamber. "Have I pierced a blood vein or major vessel?" He asked alarmed "No, not at all" Billy said as he looked down at the needle. "He's bleeding into his chest, Adam in the cabinet look for a vial with a purple color liquid. Zhane he'll need 1.5 milliliters." Andros said quickly, Tommy tightened his grip on his fiance's hand as Rocky looked over giving him a smile trying to relax the fear he could sense. "What is this going to do?" Tommy asked. Zhane took the vial from Adam quickly drawing up the recommended dosage, sticking Rocky's arm. "This repairs any broken blood vessels in his body." Adam said watching the two working feverishly.

He looked up at Andros who seemed worried as he said. "I'll get one of the test vials to put some of the fluid in so we can see how much if any has gotten into his blood." Andros nodded as Zhane added "You should be OK to keep drawing out the rest of the fluid." Andros continued to draw out the rest of the fluid shaking his head as the rest remained crimson. Zhane put away the used needle as he checked the machine, and said "His breathing has gone up almost to 75%"

"Good, looks like there's not a lot left." Andros said  carefully pulling the needle from Rocky's chest covering the sharp end and setting the needle a side and picked up another, he picked up some gauze and tape walking back to the side he had drawn the blood from Rocky's chest. "He shouldn't bleed from the puncture wound but I'd like to not take that chance."  Tommy nodded grateful for the extra consideration. Once the wound was covered, Andros took the other needle as traded sides with Tommy going in right side of the ribcage drawing out the last of the fluid and pulled out the needle as he asked. "How does he look Zhane?" 

"95% oxygen intake." Andros smiled as he filled a test vial of the blood in one of the needles as Zhane shut off the machine and walked over the two talking for a moment amongst them self. "We're starting treatment tomorrow, so Rocky can get some rest for the night." Zhane finally said as Rocky buttoned his shirt back up after Andros had placed a patch of gauze over the second puncture wound. Rocky was carefully sat up on the edge of the bed. Rocky held his chest as he hissed "Man that smarts." Zhane chuckled as he chimed "Yeah kind of why we decided to wait for treatment, you've had enough of being a pin cushion for the day I think." Rocky chuckled as he asked statistically "Where were your ideas when I was in the hospital?" with a cheeky grin Zhane fired back "Locked up with Andros' sense of adventure"  

Andros shot him a dangerous glare as he said "If you had any intention of getting any tonight you just lost it" Billy coughed trying not to laugh as Rocky looked at them stunned, Tommy leaned in to ask Adam the question on his mind but before he could ask Adam answered "Yes Tommy he was talking about that."  Tommy chuckled as Rocky attempted to stand making it up with no pain. "Ready to go lay down baby?" Tommy asked softly Rocky only nodded, Tommy slipped his hand into Rocky's a Adam lead the way. Once settled into their bed Tommy kissed Rocky's head as he climbed in the bed.

"I love you" He whispered, Rocky only smiled back as he said "Thank You."  Tommy smiled as he asked "For loving you?" Rocky shook his head saying. "For saying you will marry me." Tommy smiled kissing Rocky as he said "Thank you for being my life."
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Thought I would start out with my most recent Power Rangers Mpreg.

Title: My Last Breath
Author; Darkredrose
Pairing: Tommy/ Rocky, Billy/Adam, Tommy/Carlos, Zhane/Andros
Fandom: Power Rangers
Summary: Rocky is very sick, with the likelihood of loosing his sweetheart Tommy starts thinking of some important things that should be done, and one that might be a little impossible
Rating: R mostly
Warning: Mpreg, not to be taken to seriously.
A/N: This was a request, to my surprise the reader I wrote it for didn't like it. I hope you guys enjoy.
Part 1-7 )


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