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Thought I would start out with my most recent Power Rangers Mpreg.

Title: My Last Breath
Author; Darkredrose
Pairing: Tommy/ Rocky, Billy/Adam, Tommy/Carlos, Zhane/Andros
Fandom: Power Rangers
Summary: Rocky is very sick, with the likelihood of loosing his sweetheart Tommy starts thinking of some important things that should be done, and one that might be a little impossible
Rating: R mostly
Warning: Mpreg, not to be taken to seriously.
A/N: This was a request, to my surprise the reader I wrote it for didn't like it. I hope you guys enjoy.

     Tommy Oliver glanced up looking at his boyfriend asleep on the couch, chuckling as he shook his head. He got up from the desk where he had worked on some homework for his chemistry class and pulled a blanket from the back of the couch draping it over Rocky as he gently kissed his cheek.

He was starting to worry about him, he had recently become so easily tired, and even the simple process of getting his day started left Rocky exhausted. Tommy sat down next to the couch; gently petting him "I love you" Tommy whispered kissing his forehead. Tommy got up and started back to his desk when he heard "I love you too" Tommy chuckled as he turned back Rocky sitting up wiping away the sleep from his eyes. "I didn't mean to wake you up Rock." Tommy said as he sat down next to him on the couch, Rocky only smiled as he rested against Tommy's shoulder.

"It's no big deal sweetheart." Rocky said kissing Tommy's cheek as he listened to his boyfriend "You should really go to a doctor Rocky, please? I'm very worried about this, it isn't like you." Rocky sighed as he said, "Ok babe right after you get out of classes tomorrow?" Tommy smiled kissing Rocky's forehead as his answer.

"Alright everyone, chapter 16 read by tomorrow, I love you all, but get out of here." Tommy chuckled as he shook his head and placed his book in his bag reaching for his cell phone as he noticed four missed calls, all from Billy. Tommy hit the send button to call him back.

"Tommy, thank god you need to get to the hospital immediately." Billy said

"What's wrong Billy?" Tommy asked as his heart began to race.

"It's Rocky, Adam went to see him and found him on the couch unconscious with a very high fever, he's in room 437 at Angle Grove Memorial."

"Alright, alright I'm on my way," Tommy said as he hung up his cell phone taking the arm of one of the girls in his next class.

"You're Katie right?" Katie nodded as he said, "Can you tell Professor Harris I won't be there? There's been an emergency." Katie nodded as she said, "Of course, what ever it is go ahead and go." Tommy nodded as he raced to his truck hurrying to the heart of his world.

Tommy walked up to the desk on the fourth floor of the hospital asking for directions to his boyfriend's room. His closest friends surrounding him as he sat down, "Adam? What happened, Billy said he had a fever?" Tommy asked Adam nodded as he said "105 their running a thousand tests on him." Tommy stood up next to his bed reaching over lightly petting him as Rocky open his eyes smiling at him, Tommy smiled back as he said, "Hey hansom, you gave Adam a scare."

"He's already apologized for it, He's been asking for you ever since we arrived here." Kat said resting her hand on Tommy's shoulders; he only smiled reaching around to hug her. "Thanks all of you for coming, wait where is Jason?" Tommy asked as the dark-haired man poked his head in dressed in scrubs as Tommy smiled "You're a nurse?" Jason nodded as he said, "I became inspired when my mom and I saw a car crash. I came as soon as I could" Tommy nodded as he asked; "You don't know anything do you?"

"Actually I do, it's Rocky's back. It didn't heal properly, from a scan I've looked at there's a tear at one of his disks it looked like something became wedged in a crack" Jason pulled out on of the X-rays holding it up to the light above Tommy and Rocky. "And in some recent weeks became dislodged and cause an infection know as a 'Spinal Cord Abscess' It looks like we caught it in time."

"So how long will Rocky have to stay Jase?" Adam asked as he said softly "there it is Tommy" he pointed to the black speck in the x-ray near the base of Rocky's spine.

"Overnight, he should  go home tomorrow unless anything changes." Jason smiled as he clapped Tommy's shoulder, the younger boy smirked as he handed back the x-ray film.

" Rocky's injury was nearly two years ago. How is this showing up now?" Tanya asked, her curiosity getting the best of her as Jason said "It can happen, It happened to a woman in here a few weeks back who had fallen a month earlier on a job. Didn't have any kind of problems whatsoever woke up the morning they came here, had no vision and couldn't move."

"Is any damage reversible?" Tommy asked taking Rocky's hand as Jason nodded "Should be." he said as Tommy nodded and Jason excused him self to another patient. Tommy glanced up noticing Rocky almost back to sleep as he kissed his forehead tenderly whispering, "I love you." Rocky only open his eyes enough to see Tommy as he smiled and said, "I love you more"

Tommy tried to fight sleep as he watched a nurse giving Rocky another dose of his antibiotic for his infection. The night nurse was a female, and looked in to her early 20's with auburn hair and hazel eyes. "How is he?" Tommy asked sitting up in his chair. The girl shook her head "I don't know usually with this high of a dosage you start to see an improvement  in the first couple of hours, he'll need more tests in the morning to make sure it's taking." Tommy nodded as the nurse started out of the room and asked, "Do you need a blanket or anything Mr. Oliver?" He smiled at the sweet gesture as she handed him a spare pillow from the small closet. "No but thank you." Tommy said made himself comfortable as she said "Get some rest; we'll wake you if anything changes." Tommy nodded taking the pillow curling up in the chair next to Rocky's bed, his hand hanging off the side, Tommy took it as he felt sleep calling him as he drifted off.

Tommy woke up to alarms going off, Rocky's night nurse shaking him as she said. "Mr. Oliver I'm sorry you need to get out, we need the room." she Tommy helped from the chair and guided outside. After a few moments Tommy realized where he was and it quickly became obvious that something had gone very wrong. Tommy closed his eyes as tears started to sting them, praying Rocky would be OK. He felt a light touch on his arm when he looked over to Adam and Billy.

"Tommy what happened?" Billy asked resting his hand on Tommy's shoulder as he said "I don't know, it all happened so fast. I had fallen to sleep, and all the sudden the girl who worked all night is waking me up and helping me out of Rocky's room." Billy gave a gentle squeeze as Tommy sat down in the floor as he said "They should tell us something soon, just relax." Tommy nodded as he took his close friends advice only to find his mind racing 90 mph.


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